happy fall y'all

Happy October! Although I believe there is beauty in everyday, today is the first day of my favorite time of year. Fall & Winter bring us cold weather, which is my favorite kind of weather for a few reasons.. First: Fashion. Thank you, thank you for layering! Boots, socks, leg warmers, tights, leggings, thermals, vests, hoodies, jackets, gloves, hats, and of course.. scarves :). If that’s not enough, let’s talk goodies. Halloween—candy<3 Then there is Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread, Texas Trash, Cookies, Starbucks, Muddie Buddies, 7 Layer Bars & let’s not forget Thanksgiving&Christmas Dinners! My third & favorite reason for loving this time of year is LOVE. We all feel it. This time of year people can’t help but feel warm&loving. I believe that people are more aware of Jesus and His love for us, and they want to share it. It is SO wonderful. I am thankful for the changing of leaves & the the chill in the air that comes with Autumn. I am thankful when the snow keeps us from going out & we are brought back to basics. Movie watching, games, sledding, baking together & interacting. In my mind there is nothing better. We are on this planet for one sole purpose. LOVE. Love our God & love one another. Everything else is just added extras to keep things interesting..little blessings that God somehow thinks we are worthy of even when we sin against Him time & time again. It blows my mind how much God loves me. It is so overwhelming, in a good way, that there is no way I can’t love Him back :). Take a minute and think of the person who you think loves you most… now times it by infinity & beyond.. yep, that’s God. God knows every thought you think, every word you speak-even before it’s spoken, every good doing, the bad ones too.. He knows our hearts better than anyone, better than we know our own.. and He loves us and wants to live in our hearts anyway. This is true always… but it makes me happy that during the next few months, people feel it strongly & daily. It is my prayer that we all carry it out through the entire year :) I love everyone I know, and hope that everyone had a blessed day!

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