home sweet home :)

Home sweet home. After a loooooong drive, we are finally home in Colorado. We were blessed to come home and spend our first night with the Salvaggione half of our loving family and have a homemade Italian dinner. Colorado is so beautiful & our family is such a blessing. Although I have considered Chris’s Family my family for a few years now, it is so wonderful to have “married into them.” Each and everyone of them has something special about their spirit that I love, and I am thankful for them everyday. Here is what I want to know… who came up with the term ‘in laws’? Brother in law, sister in law… I’m not into it. I mean, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ right? I don’t love them because Chris and I are legally bound by ‘law’… I love them because they are my family, my brothers & sisters. So, I’ve decided to make a change and call them my ‘in loves’ because that’s what they really are :)
Hopefully this will catch on. Wednesday we are going to spend an evening in Pueblo watching Nicole’s husband Andy play, he is WONDERFUL! Then Sunday we are having our Salvaggione Family Pumpkin Carving Party… BYOP, bring your own pumpkin of course :) God is so good. I am so happy that He has blessed me with the people in my life, and that He has allowed me to be a part of His plan. I can’t wait to get up to Fort Collins and see the other half of our family! Life is wonderful. God is great. Love and forgive one another. Be Happy!! I love you!! Hilla :)

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