Easter Sunday, He is risen!

Easter was amazing. It was my first Easter without my family so I was a little anxious about enjoying the day when it came to festivities. Boy was I wrong. We started out the day with Easter baskets sent from my mom!! She was so cute. She put them together and covered them so they wouldnt spill everywhere during shipment. They were perfect! Then… if that wasn’t already a great start, we walk out our front door and our great friend and neighbor Katrina had left us Easter surprises! SO sweet. We attended 3D Easter at Elevation Church. It was an awesome service. Pastor Furtick is so creative and is always looking for different ways to bring people in and show them the Gospel, I really admire him for that. He doesn’t care if anyone downs his approach, he just does what he feels God calls him to do. After church we went over to one of the Eagles Host Family’s house, and had so much food!! All of our friends were there and it really did feel like a home away from home. We got to hide eggs for the little kids Easter Egg Hunt, and later in the day we even got to participate in an Adult Easter Egg Hunt… score! It was a great day. We finished off the night playing games with ‘the fam’ :)
I missed Chris & I’s family so much but we felt really blessed that God provided us with a family out here! I can’t wait for more fellowship in the months to come!

 Chic-a-dee Nutter Butters
 Eagles Fam :)

 Spring has sprung!

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