Thank you Pastor Furtick

Thanks to the newest blog entry from our Pastor I have come to an AWESOME realization that I had to share :) 
For the longest time I have had a weird, unsettled feeling about my “coming to Christ” moment. Whenever asked the question of when it happened, I haven’t known how to respond. I have been raised a Christian all my life & always had a wonderful example before me through my parents & family. I’ve always been a believer, always gone to church, never strayed from God… the list goes on. So I haven’t felt like I had a huge stand out moment.
SO many of my friends have such amazing testimonies of how they lost their way and were so far from Christ and how He saved them and restored them. Their stories are AMAZING & I am always in awe of the Lord when I hear of His amazing works in others lives, especially people so close to my heart. But, as much as I didn’t want it to, hearing their stories always made me question my own. I would never hope to experience pain & suffering, but to see the change in their lives was so inspiring & made me wonder if I could ever be as close to Him as they were. Or would it never be that way because I was never far?
Today, the Lord answered my question & my prayer through Pastor Furtick. His quote that stood out to me was this, “My goal in parenting is to raise my kids to have a boring testimony. In other words, to stay out of trouble and love Jesus all their lives.”
It became crystal clear. God’s plan is different for all of us. We all make our own choices, and we will all have a different journey back to the Father. Telling myself this before was harder to believe, until I read his post. I have managed to stay out of trouble and love Jesus all of my life and that is okay! That has been my path. Another quote, “A person’s testimony doesn’t have to be spectacularly sinful to be significant.” This is SO true & something I personally needed to hear. Jesus doesn’t care how we ‘came to Him’, He just cares that we did! Ahh! Such an amazing revalation for me haha. Today I embrace my boring testimony :) I love Jesus & I am grateful that He has shown me a different perspective on this, so that I can not be caught up on ‘how I came to know Him’ and I can solely be focused on knowing, loving, and living for Him.
Love YOUR testimony whatever it is. Heartbreaking.. joyful.. or just plain boring :) Christ loves us all and is excited for us to give Him our everything. Praise Jesus!
Love, Hillary

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