Pumpkin Carving!

We officially carved halloween pumpkins for the season last weekend! Abel chose a standard spooky face, with triangle eyes + nose, and a zig zag mouth, despite the many other options we showed him haha, he named it "Scary". Lucy went with hearts for eyes and a big smile. So sweet. Each year they are a little more into it and a little more involved + I'm happy we've included carving into our Halloween traditions. 
All of the kids costumes have officially arrived, and we are gearing up for a few different Trick or Treat events over the next few days. I'm excited! I was REALLY excited for Halloween... and I am, but now that it's almost here, I'm realizing I'm actually moooostly excited because after it's over we can somewhat acceptably dive into Christmas music + the coziest time of the year... 
I mean, who's with me?!
^^^i love lucy's piggies, because she "braided" them herself + had me put in the hair ties.