Pumpkin Patchin' 2017

I'm not sure how I'm writing this post + we've already pumpkin patched + estes parked + it's the middle of october... like, where did the rest of summer go + weren't hawaii + christmas only a few weeks before that? october is one of my very favorite months, it's just good. we made our annual trip to bartel's farm this year + they had sunflowers again!!!!!! they are so so beautiful + walking through a little maze surrounded by them is so sweet + picturesque, which is why this post has 87,000 photos. we spoiled our dinner with two bags of popcorn + the kids picked three tiny pumpkins that are sitting happily on our mantel. it was a sweet + easy time together, and i really just can't tell you how much I love times like those. 
^^^pretty proud of that lost tooth that came out just seconds before pulling up to the patch!
 ^^^i love abel's face in this ha! you probably wouldn't guess that HE was the one who wanted to take a picture here haha!
^^^that little hand on the jean
^^^sharing popcorn
^^^lucy's photo she just had to take of us. the others were totally out of focus. this one here is of us getting up + turned out the be the best of the bunch!