Day Trip to Estes Park.

A few weeks ago we took the kids up to Estes for the day. It was the last day Fun City would be open for the season, and we had never taken them before. Chris & I slid down this same slide in high school when my own family would go to Estes, and so it was really fun to bring our own kids for the first time. Afterwards we had a picnic on some rocks by Mary's Lake & it was the highlight of the trip for everyone. This made me SO happy. My three kids chose a picnic and throwing rocks in a lake as their favorite part of the whole day over mega slides & go carts... Win! They continue to teach me how simple joy is for them & what it can look like for me too. The day wasn't anything grand & it was nothing short of chaotic, in case our pictures fool you, but we were together & together is happiest.