Seaside: Part 3

This concludes our time in Seaside!
I am so thankful for the time that we were able to spend there, it was healing for my soul in ten different ways & I hope to be back soon! If you have the opportunity to go, I've listed a few of our must haves as far as food goes, though we never had anything we didn't like there...
Frost Bites for Shave Ice, make it a "piggly wiggly" -- I could have had one every single day.
Modica Market for a slice of Red Velvet Cake & a Mimosa!
Raw & Juicy for a Costa Rican Bowl
The Meltdown on 30A -- Grilled Cheesery, enough said.
If you have any other specific questions about planning a trip to Seaside, email me! Would love to share more of our experience with you :) 

^^^Who's cuter than this little duo?
^^^So handome & even sweeter than that
^^^When your friends love your kids
^^^Crew Life