The Zoo.

Over the weekend we visited the Denver Zoo. Chris' family met up with us there & it was sweet to be together & spend time. The weather was beautiful & after waking up to at least 5 inches of snow the following day, a Saturday spent outdoors couldn't have been timed better.
The kids loved some different things this year... the bats, the lizards, the cheetah, and as always the giraffes & elephants. They still want nothing to do with monkeys three years running & unfortunately the Lions weren't out as we had hoped. They told us all of their thoughts over dinner & it was some of the very cutest conversation I've ever been a part of. Chris and I were both swooning so hard over our kids that we secretly started filming them and their little voices and hand gestures. Are we creepy? They are so much bigger & smarter & imaginative every day, and whenever we spend time going back and watching videos of them it is the best. 
So thankful for this family of mine, I'm the luckiest.