happy november.

it's november!
boy how quickly time passes!
i am excited it's november for many reasons...

1) CHRISTmas is NEXT month, and we can finally say that!
2) it's cold.
3) twilight: breaking dawn((part one)) comes out. literally just squealed while watching the trailer. eeeep!
4) the leaves are swirling & that means snow is around the corner. beautiful.
5) birthdays!
6) warm fires.
7) we can listen to CHRISTmas music as much as we want and we aren't THAT weird.
8) time off. 
9) yummy holiday food.
10) which brings me to thanksgiving....

to celebrate the start of another month, and November at that, i wanted to list just a few of the MANY things i am thankful for. starting with marriage.
i can't believe that by the end of this month, we will have been married for a year and a half! i am SO SO thankful for Chris. corny as it sounds, he is my rock & my other half. i love him more than words can say & I can't wait to spend a million more years being married to him & loving him the best that I can!
next up? new friends.
back in february, before we moved to charlotte, i wouldn't have believed you if you told me we were going to make such wonderful friends. i can honestly say that i have never experienced friends like these. atleast not all in one place & circle. it's been the greatest gift. truly thankful & believe to my core that these will be life long relationships.
our first home!
i have been complaining the past month because i couldn't decorate our precious home because all of our stuff is boxed up back home. but shame on me. our home is beautiful & it's not the stuff that makes it a home. it's the people & the love. this house is not full of a lot of things but it IS full of a lot of love, and that's what matters most. our first ever house together. this place will be remembered forever.
elevation church.
we are so fortunate to have been placed in charlotte during such a vital time in our spiritual growth. the people we are surrounded with is one thing, but to love a church as much as we love elevation, is something we had never experienced before! to wish church was everyday & to not want it to be over is an amazing feeling. to feel God in your heart everytime you leave? we are blessed to have it to call our home.
living far from family is tough. this is the longest i have ever been away from home! being away makes me more thankful for them because i miss them & can't wait to be with them. it also makes me MORE thankful for chris & the pets. because our little family is what keeps me going everyday!
change is good...
i am so thankful for the change that has happened this passed year! there have definitely been hiccups, hard times, and scares. but there has been more joy! change is good. change grows us & teaches us. it betters us! i am thankful for the change God continues to place before me & i am grateful that He is teaching me to be more adaptable with each new day!
these are a few of the MANY things i am thankful for...
what are YOU thankful for?!

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Bree said...

Cute post! I am thankful for a great many things. I totally gets butterflies in my stomach each time a preview for Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes on...love it!