hello monday.

Last week my siblings, husband and i made an unplanned trip to arizona. Something I haven't talked about on this blog is cancer. Not just cancer as a whole, but specifically the cancer that has found its temporary home on my dads lung. Six years ago, my dad was diagnosed with throat cancer & after fighting like a champ, 6 months later, found himself cancer free! He has been clear of it for such a long time, but when a nagging cough & trouble breathing lasted longer than your average cold, he went in to get checked out and that is when they found this new cancer. In the exact place they said it would set up shop, should it ever return. 
There are not many things I hate. Hate is such a strong word. Even hearing myself say it sounds harsh... But I hate cancer. I hate seeing my loved ones in pain or struggle. I hate that MY dad's life is the one at stake. It just doesn't seem fair.
So, a month ago, my parents went down to Scottsdale Arizona to a treatment facility where my dad could receive naturopathic healing & a very specific chemo that we are praying will heal him, without all of the awful side effects regular chemo has on the human body.
My sisters,  husband and i have been here in colorado holding down the fort, taking care of my younger brothers, the shop & all of the pets. After a long 3 weeks, and a lot of missing each other, my parents were finally coming home for a quick, weekend visit! Things however, took a sudden turn when my dad broke out in a fever & chills before boarding their flight. Thankfully, they rushed to the ER, and doctors started working on him. He had gotten pneumonia, fluid in his lungs & a staph infection in his blood, and he went from totally normal to super scary, my mom flying us all down in case, fast. Praise God for healing him after a week long stay & for him being able to get back into his regular treatments again! The plan as of now is for them to be down there for 3-5 more weeks of treatment, and then hopefully coming home cancer free, just in time for the holidays. What a wonderful celebration that will be. We are so hopeful & have all of our faith in God. Only He can work miracles, and i pray daily that my dad is due for one! I would appreciate YOUR prayers too! 
Here’s our quick trip through iPhone photos. Thankfully, by the time we got down there, my dad was stable & we were able to spend a lot of time sitting with him & being with my mom. The update today is that, he looks & is feeling GREAT, and to look at him you’d never know he has such a hard last week or that he isn’t 100% healthy :) Thank you Jesus!
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Katrina Garcia said...

Praying for healing for your dad and strength for your entire family. My mom also has cancer, stage 2 breast cancer and lymphoma on her small intestine. She just finished her first round of chemo and will be starting her second round next week. it is a scary process but God has control of this situation and yours as well. We must trust in him whole heartedly in every situation! He is God after all, and His plans are always way better than anything we can ever plan for ourselves. God bless you and yours.

Unknown said...

Hope your dad feels better soon!

Totally jealous of your whataburger!

Audrey said...

agreed: I hate cancer too. we know very well the heart stretching & hurting journey with loved ones. hold on to hope!!!

Kym said...

cancer is scary- and easy to hate. i will be praying for your family.

Life on Sugar Hill said...

thank you so much for all of your prayers!! my parents just came home this weekend for good! my dad is officially in remission & cancer free :)))) Praise the Lord!