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a baby update ACTUALLY up on friday?!
yes, it’s true. our little baby is thankfully still growing inside his comfy little home, aka MY belly. he really is getting so big, and i love it. his growth HAS made the task of getting dressed a bit daunting at times…
you wake up with an outfit in mind… one that you’ve worn pretty recently, yet when you put it on this time… your belly sticks out too far for your shirt to reach, giving you the lovely crop top/hillbilly beer belly look. it’s reeeeeeeeeeal cute, as i’m sure you can imagine! however, leggings & dresses are SO convenient & comfortable right now, and at the current time, i can still button my jeggings y’all! so we have some options!

our little mister LOVES pizza about as much as i do, which is understandably one of my favorite traits of his. he dances all around doing flips & flops whenever i have any… so i make sure to have some ATLEAST once a week… you know, for him.

his crown to cutie little rump measurement is just over 8 inches now, about the length of an ear of corn! & he is expected to double in size over the next 4 weeks! does this mean i will too?! here’s hoping it’s just in the belly department :) i’m ALLLL about belly growth.

my new theme song is my humps. i usually have a belly dance-a-thon to the tune of it once, sometimes twice a week. the fam & husband pretty much love it. my personal favorite section of lyrics is when i get to the ‘drive these fellas crazzzzy’ part. just the thought of guys checkin’ out & lovin’ the sight of my baby bump is well, let’s just be honest… TOTALLY realistic.

in all seriousness though, it’s kind of crazy to see your husband love you even more than he did without the bump. i think he’s pretty amazed that i’m housing a tiny human. OUR tiny human. a SON. he is so good at making me feel special & beautiful at any given time throughout the day. i love him. being pregnant has honestly been wonderful for me. if a few pretty awful nights of reflux and the not so occasional anymore aka once a day emotional break down are really the worst problems i’ve had so far… i’ve got it good. thank you, thank you Lord!

on that note, we’re off! tonight we are going to a haunted corn maze! oooooo! i’m so excited about it! fall is here, we’ve broken out harlow’s sweaters, and it’s pretttyyyyy chilly out there! i hope you’re loving it as much as i am!
happy weekend!

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