How to Wear Your Project Love

I personally LOVE layering, mixing & matching, and standing out. Check out how I dressed up Project Love’s ‘Let Your Light Shine’ Racerback Dress at this past week’s t-shirt party!
I paired it with a ruffled skirt (bebe), black motorcycle boots (forever 21), black leggings, a belt, and my younger brother’s plaid shirt as a jacket (Target)… which he may or may not get back :)
As for hair… the messier the better :) I floofed the top, pulled out pieces throughout and curled them with my 1” curling iron, and left the rest natural with a few curls I did with a bigger curling iron. I also added some braids…. no hair ties needed. Tease the end of your braids backwards with a comb and hairspray and you end up with a cool knot at the end that lasts all night!
This is just one way to wear this dress. It is so cute and versatile! It can be dressed up, worn casual, or even used as a bathing suit cover up. Email us your pictures and ideas of how you wear your ‘love’ and be featured in our blog! Be Blessed!—- Hillary


Anonymous said...

yeah for being able to create new ideas on how to where PLove and double yeah for July coming!

Anonymous said...

Where have these tanks been all my life! <3 them