confession: i have a bad habit of going grunge.
i don't mean rocker chic... i mean, sweats & a t-shirt.
chris and i are both guilty.
i usually wake up in the mornings & either go to yoga or start working on Project Love. By the time I am finished, there is only a short amount of time before I leave for dance. so i have this wonderful closet full of clothes that i love, but feel silly getting all dolled up for an hour or two at the house, before getting back into sweats to teach! weird... i know. i love to be comfy & feel SO blessed that I get to go to work wearing the most comfortable outfit... NOT complaining :)
however, being home in Colorado has been SO nice! No work, so I have been able to play dress up the whole time we've been home! LOV-ING it! Since, this seems to be a more rare occurence, obviously I have been taking pictures! Husband even let me take a few of him too!
jacket, dress, & leg warmers: thrifted
tights: tj maxx
headband: vines vintage
boots: forever 21

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Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures, lovin the outfits! Happy Sunday!

xo shane