it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

it's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTmas...
the past two weekends we have done so many CHRISTmas-y things :) i have been in Heaven! i was bummed to be missing out on some of the things at home, so the fam got together & we celebrated our very own charlotte CHRISTmas in more ways than one!

first: Christmasville Parade of Lights with the Romeos
we lovelovelove them... the Romeos i mean! however, the lights were pretty too! downtown Rock Hill is SUPA presh!
next up: Tega Cay Christmas Tree Lighting with AbbyDrews :)
i loved this night, mostly because it was spent with Babs, but also because she makes a mean batch of MUDDY BUDDIES... or 'puppy chow' as she, and many other mis-informed people call it... haha :) we devoured them & watched movies, snuggled up on the couch! 
lastly: Family 2.0 Christmas at the Romoes
SUCH a wonderful night. truly. it just reminded me of how blessed we are. the Lord knew exactly where we needed to be and who we needed in our life. ALL of the people we have met here in Charlotte make my heart happy. blessed beyond anything :)
NOW... only one more full day here in chartown && then we are headed west! to the snow, mountains, family... a colorado Christmas. now THAT is true perfection! 
oh ps... have i mentioned it's getting REAL christmas-y around here? everyone's getting more cuddly & even doing sweeet things for eachother like breakfast in bed! ;)

what did you grow up calling this tasty Christmas treat?
muddy buddies or puppy chow?! 


Unknown said...

I hope your referring to Charlotte, NC. I drove through there yesterday to get to my home in Wilmington.

Happy Holidays.

Emily said...

I have ALWAYS called them Muddy Buddies!! Although, Reindeer Food is popular around here also... :)

Jen said...

I have always called it puppy chow...but 'muddy buddy' kind of rolls off the toungue...I like it! :) And I looove that Amy Grant Christmas album as well!! Merry Christmas!!