2011 CHRISTmas card.

since they've been officially sent out, I can now share our CHRISTmas card with y'all! It would have been no fun for the people receiving them, if  they would have seen them here first... but i'm SO glad i can finally post! here are a few of my favorites from our backyard CHRISTmas photo shoot! Compliments of yours truly, via tripod :)
 the MUSTaches were a MUST this year :) we had SO many fun pictures with these :) i just happen to LOVE this one.
 i kinda think he is the cutest man alive...
 our favorite 'out take' of the day(left) SUCH a great picture... it's officially on our fridge :) ....and the pets did not make the photo this year... it was a valiant effort, but they weren't having it!
 thank you to our south carolina home for giving us such a beautiful setting :)
 ...and thank you, thank you! for putting off raking the leaves until after we had our picture fun!
 here's what we sent out :) why choose just one when you can collage?
heart happy :)
merry CHRISTmas month!
love, the sals

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