the lovely poppy.

oh friends! my eyes were recently opened to a WONDERFUL etsy store!
get over there && check it out!!! i am in LOVE with all of the beautiful creations. i am currently obsessed with these headbands. gorgeousGORGEOUS. they need to be on my head soooooon!! love.
all photos from 'the lovely poppy' site :)
happy saturday! i am thankful that i have the WHOLE day off, lucky girl.


Alely said...

i hope you enjoyed your saturday! i agree that those headbands are too cute!

found you through twitter on one of elevations hashtags! love elevation and pastor furtick! looking forward to reading more of your blog, seeing you on twitter and instagram!


Sacha♥ said...

they look so gorgeous... i always want to buy one but im sure i will look stupid with those. it doesnt suit on me! :-(

Sacha♥ said...

oh i'm your follower :D i would love to have your support in return,

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