over the weekend.

over the weekend i was gone in raleigh for the last dance competition of the year. i was really glad that i was able to go an support the whole weekend, especially since i have not been able to make it to all of the other ones! while i was there i stumbled upon this little gem of a video that i am now in love with. seriously, want to watch it a billion times, learn it & film myself doing it. so so good.
i know… right?!
love it.
…then sunday was mother’s day. i am not a mother of any human children at the current moment, just my furry friends, whom i love… so mother’s day for me is still ALL about celebrating my beautiful mother, and mother in law, and grandmothers, and all of the special people in my life who are mom’s. boy oh boy, what would we do without them?! i for one, wouldn’t. i love my mom so much & appreciate everything she has done for me in my life, all the ways she has encouraged me, and how she has loved me. she’s so beautiful & i love her so much. & as for my mother-in-law, she’s so beautiful & wonderful as well. i’m so happy with our relationship & am also VERY grateful for her contribution in creating the most amazing human being presently walking this earth… my husband. thanks becky!! i love you! Mom’s are wonderful! hope you celebrated yours!!

…and as for yesterday, well i spent it on the couch. it was rainy & the first day of my cold, boo (<—to the cold, not the rain... we love rain over here&it made the flowers even prettier) today i’m feeling much better, so i guess resting on the couch with my friends kleenex, kelly, & harlow was the best medicine!
IMG_0410 photo 3
photo 4 
happy tuesday!

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Rach said...

that video is super fun...I'm a little bit obsessed with that song. do it!