i am the middle sister, sandwiched between two beautiful & amazing women. it’s hard to describe the love between sisters. it’s a HUGE, messy, drive the get-away car kind of love. we bicker & don’t always agree on things, but we love each other so hard that it’s hard to stay mad for too long… and by too long i mean, an hour, IF. i have LOVED coming from a huge family & even more than that, having two sisters. It is one of my biggest prayers that chris & i have daughters and they have relationships like my sisters and i have. thank You, thank You LORD for my sisters & the love You have shown me through them!

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Jess said...

I love this because I have 2 sisters as well. I'm the oldest though but the love my sisters and I have is immeasurable! I hate being so far away from them (one in Ohio and the other in Hawaii!) but when we get together there's so much love and laughter. This post gets me excited for when I get to see them again! :)