So Long, Insecurity

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"when we allow God's truth to eclipse every false positive && let our eyes spring open to the treasure we HAVE, there in His glorious reflection we'll also see the treasure we ARE."
a year ago, my beautiful friend jessica sent me a book to read that she had loved & learned so much from. at the time of receiving it, i opened it up and started reading the forward… i am a person who hasn’t always loved to read, and still to this day, if i’m not in the right mind set or immediately intrigued by the first page, i know that i would be better served saving that particular book (or reading in general) for a later date. so that is exactly what i did. almost a year later, and a few other books along the way, i opened the book again and began reading. this time around i could not put it down. i guess waiting was the right thing to do after all! good thing my friend is a patient person :)
this week i finished the book, ‘So Long, Insecurity"’ by Beth Moore. i feel full of encouragement. i feel like encouraging others. i feel like the Lord opened my eyes to the tools that can really help me say so long to insecurity for good. we as women, especially in today’s culture are walking insecurity magnets. not to say insecurity is a new thing, one of my favorite things she talks about in the book is how insecurity is as old as time, but back then women were comparing themselves to the 10 people they knew, where as women today are comparing themselves to not only the people they know, but also the hundreds of women in hollywood as well. its unfortunate, but it’s not going away. what we CAN change is how we respond and think! Praise the Lord for healing! the writer covers insecurity in SO many forms. i wish that every woman would read this book! seriously. so if you are in need of new material, i vote this :)
happy wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I really want to read that book!

hannah love said...

wow, this sounds like a GREAT book to read.
thank you for sharing :)
heheh you're not the only that has some difficulty with reading.. not difficulty but it takes A LOT for me to really get into a book and stay committed.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to see that insecurity does date far back -- that is something everyone struggles with ... i believe insecurity also ties in with jealousy! not sure if beth moore mentioned that in her book? Ex) remember Joseph's brothers' were so jealous of him that they ended up throwing him in a ditch! that is insecurity at its finest- another example is Jacob and Esau too...definitely would love to read this book!!