thursday nights.

this is not an epic post. just a little love letter to my thursday night tv line up...

dear thursday night tv
you never disappoint. seriously. you don't...and tonight was no exception! vampire diaries & grey's anatomy? gah! both such good episodes. i am seriously sad that over the next two weeks you will both come to an end for the LOOOONG summer & officially begin my countdown to your return come fall. but let's not talk about that now... i will atleast wait until July like i did last year before pining for all things pumpkin & cozy. anyway, i love you thursday night line up. thanks for always showing up the day after wednesday. here's to the next two weeks!
love, hillary

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Kristen said...

I haven't watched Grey's yet. Oh my gosh, VD was sooooo good last night! I am so sad that next week is the season finale.