happy two years of marriage!

seriously? 2 years? wow! Lord, You really knew what you were doing on this one :) i am eternally grateful for marriage & for the life i share with chris. he is truly the best man & choosing him to love each day is NOT hard. plus he looks like that… that isn’t horrible either ;)

2 years of marriage, 9 years together total (this winter)… i have loved my life so far with husband & am so proud to be the mrs. to his mr. i see our life together & imagine our future and light up inside. it usually causes me to break out in an uncontrollable smile, sometimes song, and lately tears ha! i’m not sad, lately i just feel overwhelmed with love. i have never felt so loved by chris as i do these days, and everytime i think i couldn’t love him more, my heart shows me i’m wrong & just keeps expanding with more love for this one man. thank You, thank You, thank You God! the more i love chris, and the more i understand his love for me, it opens my eyes to Your love for me. to think that You love me a gazillionmilliontrillionkazillion times more than chris does?! whoa. that is a LOT of love. seriously blows my mind, and i am SO thankful.

here is to another 2 years times a million chris… cuz ya know, we’re gonna live that long :)
i love you so much.

last year i posted on our anniversary & reminisced on our special day HERE… gah, what a beautiful celebration! This year, i wanted to post a few pics from our engagement, since it played a key part in getting us to where we are now, enjoy :)

our engagement story.
after five & a half years of dating, chris decided it was time to marry me. sheesh, took him long enough! ha, kidding. i guess it isn’t very common for 15 & 16 year olds to get married.. so fine, it’s okay that he waited. anyways… on July 20, 2009 chris decided THIS was the day. so he went to starbucks, wrote the question on the bottom of a coffee cup & let them know what was going on & that we would be coming in later that day, together…

skip forward an hour or so…
he invited me to grab a starbucks & like i usually do when he invites me to do anything… i accepted. we went to the starbucks in monument & he wanted to go in and sit instead of his usual drive-thru option. say what? yea, i was surprised too, however not suspicious at all & was happy he wanted to sit & chat (kind of my favorite thing to do). we get to the counter & i order my summer starbucks drink of choice: passion tea lemonade-sweetened, and he orders a white chocolate mocha… a hot drink in the middle of summer?? i questioned him & he told me he was ‘just feelin’ it.’ the perfect opportunity for me to bust his plan and be suspicious that something was going on. oblivious, we paid & found a table. i am thankful for my slight ditzy-ness in this moment. we sat talking, for what seemed like FOREVER as chris would describe it. me, blabbing away, while he is CHUGGING a piping hot drink, (“burning off his tastebuds”) in hopes i will see the bottom of the cup. it took me a little bit before i ever even noticed, but then i did.

i can still remember his face exactly when he saw me see. he immediately pulled out the little box & opened it. i remember just crying & saying yes, yes! before i ever looked down at the little beauty. everyone in starbucks was cheering & it was wonderful!

the ring was beautiful & designed by him! not another one in the world like it :) the diamonds from my engagement ring were given to us by his grandmother, making them SO SO extra special to me. she told me she wouldn’t want anyone else in the world to wear them except me, which also warmed & still warms my heart right up.

i love this ring of mine, it pretty much never leaves my finger. (you can see my finished engagement&wedding ring in last year’s post HERE)
thank you california for giving us a beautiful setting for some of our engagement photos! you’re great.


andrea said...

What a great engagement story!! Your ring is beautiful, he did a good job.
Congrats on 2 years!

elle b said...

This is so sweet and makes my heart melt :) What beauty there is to be seen in a marriage like yours and Chris's.. I Love you two!!!