22 things you might not know...

1) she is currently watching the grinch.
2) he will eat just about anything.
3) we hope our baby is born on the 7th, so we will all be 7th babies.
4) her favorite colors are teal, mint, yellow & purple.
5) his favorite christmas song is 'sleigh ride' by fun.
6) hers is all of the 'home for christmas' amy grant cd.. (oh the nostalgia of my childhood)
7) she has long hair. 
8) we will have all of our belongings in one place for the FIRST time ever since we've been married (May 2010) come january 12th!
9) his "holiday" drink of choice is a gingeronno.
10) so is hers... (when not "with child" obviously)
11) we are celebrating our NINE year anniversary on january 9, 2013. whoa.
12) she thinks there is no better man than him.
13) he is good at everything he tries.
14) we love to laugh a lot.
15) she has two sisters.
16) he does too.
17) we are big fans of life around here. life is pretty wonderful.
18) she, in this exact moment, feels like her baby is trying to break out of her tummy from all directions! (thankful & ouch all at the same time)
19) we have love affairs with both five guys && smashburger... i mean a good burger really could be the key to happiness.
20) he is her forever.
 21) she is his too.
22) we think we've named our child... we think.

...happy saturday!

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Abby (Diligent Joy) said...

The 7th is a good day. Our daughter was born on a 7th and she is pretty awesome.

And a good burger (in my case, a good veggie burger) very well could be the key to happiness. I love when my husband suggest burgers/fries for dinner.