we got a tree topper...

a few nights ago, we decorated our THIRD married CHRISTmas tree! so exciting. i love CHRISTmas & CHRISTmas trees are sooooo magical! i could honestly sit in a dark room with a lit tree in the corner & feel so much joy & peace. 
what was even MORE exciting this year though, was that we finally got a tree topper! ha! it was about time! one of the vendors at the shop brought it in a few weeks ago & as soon as i saw it i had every intention of buying it. i mean, it is a penguin tree topper, and if you've been around here for a minute, you know we love penguins & why
so perfect.
...but then we had our hospital fiasco & when i went to visit the shop & claim my cutie little tree topper it was gone...
lucky me though, i have the best mom in the world and as soon as SHE saw it come in, she too, knew we must have it at the top of our tree this year & for years to come! so she surprised me with it. yay! so we have a twinkly little tree lighting up our room, complete with topper and all!
happy 8 sleeps 'til CHRISTmas friends!

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