love letters on a saturday.

dear CHRISTmas, 
slow downnnnnn. there are only 10 more sleeps until your arrival & i'm not ready for it to be here & over just yet!

dear God,
thank you for every little & big thing in  my life. i don't deserve all of the blessings you have given me, but i am very very thankful. i love you.

dear baby boy in my tum,
as always, i love you.  thank you for giving me kicks & love nudges 11,758 a day to remind me that you can't wait to meet me & your daddy as much as we can't wait to meet you!

dear dreams,
thank you for being big & exciting my soul.  what in the world would i do without you?

dear starbucks,
thank you for making delicious & cozy beverages for those of us who simply just do not like the taste of coffee. peppermint hot chocolate? why are you so awesome?

dear michael buble holiday pandora,
you're great.

dear belly, 
please hurry up & heal. i'd like to be able to laugh, cough, drive & generally just move well sometime in the near future! thanks :)

dear jeggings,
thank you for continuing to button around my ever growing bump. you really know how to treat a girl. 

dear pinterest, 
i'm so glad we have had the chance to seriously reunite this week! you are making dreaming a whole lot more fun & i can't wait to see so many of our  pins come to life!

dear sugary & sweet treats,
remove yourself from my sight or you WILL be eaten. 

dear readers, 
i hope you are having the best of saturdays. you deserve it. smile. hug someone.  thank God. sing a CHRISTmas song & spread cheer wherever you go today!


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