it was like Christmas morning…

…when these bad boys showed up!
instagram pics!! i had been dreaming up this wall for a while!!
i love my nice camera. it takes great pictures, great quality… but there is just something special about this little instagram app. it captures so many great moments that might go missed in the time it takes you to get out the camera! it also captures the little stuff, the details of every day. getting these photos printed through PostalPix made me so happy! it was so so tough picking photos to print, and then picking out of those which would go up on the wall… but thanks to that easy to use app, we managed & i am currently thinking of a creative & cute way to display those that didn’t make the wall.
thank you husband for measuring & taping off the wall for your “i’ll just wing it…” wife. it wouldn’t look near as awesome without you!
happy monday friends!


Stephanie said...

Love, love, love this. I've seen many instagram walls but I really like how you did yours taping it off and stuff. Good job!

Melissa Hurst said...

How did you print them? Did you order them or did you print them yourself?

Life on Sugar Hill said...

Thank you Stephanie! & Melissa, I used Postal Pix! It's an iphone app!!