a bumpdate.

i am officially 29.5 weeks into my second pregnancy... 
HOW are we already here? a few things worth noting...

1. this picture is from last week & i already feel like my belly has grown so much.
2. in any clothes, fitted, loose, doesn't matter... this little belly appears enormous & it's the weirdest thing to see the difference.
3. abel gives "the baby" kisses and snuggles all the time & i about die over the sweetness.
4. just looking in the direction of pizza, chocolate, or anything spicy or greasy gives me heartburn... i eat it anyway
5. we've had her name picked out since before we knew she was a SHE. we played around with other names and kept coming back to the same one, HER name. the sweetest little girl name around.
6. i believe that my dad picked her out for us.
7. every time i roll over in the night, i literally say 'heave ho' in my head... you're laughing, but it's real.
8. opening up her drawers is the strangest sight to me. they looks so different from abel's little boy filled drawers & my clothes are just in a wad most of the time... looking into hers are so sweet & pretty.
9. i hope she's a daddy's girl, but loves her mama too.
10. i'm getting more excited each day to meet this little one & see how she finds her perfect place in our little family. i can't even imagine it, but i know it will be wonderful.

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