s e a t t l e || part TWO

i bring to you, part two of our seattle vacation!
our favorite spot was pike place market... probably the most touristy spot in seattle, but we were in fact tourists so you know. we stopped at the original starbucks, tried some deeeelicious donuts we heard about via google, sampled fresh fruit, chased birds around (abel) & watched street performers make a parrot do a back roll into a headstand... wide eyed emoji here... abel loves anything having to do with birds, so naturally he enjoyed that. it was imperative that we head down post alley & stop at the number 5 most germ infested spot ever, the bubble gum wall at market theater.. because obviously, the pictures. the market was the best. there are fish throwers & brick streets, and the hustle and bustle makes me feel like i'm somewhere important. please visit seattle in your life... it will probably rain. it did most days that we were there, but it's so pretty. there's lots to see and do, and if you're lucky enough, you might get to see mt. rainier on a sunny day like our first day in the city.

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Anonymous said...

So Fun!!! The gum wall though kind of make me go eww. lol Supper cute pictures though.