s e a t t l e || part ONE

what a great trip! i REALLY tried narrowing my bazillion photos down as best i could, but i mean... 
so anyway, here is part one of our trip! this was our first vacation just the three of us, no other family or friends along, and probably our last before baby girl arrives & then we'll be four! to say i am happy we went is an understatement. chris had a couple work meetings in seattle that would only take up 4 hours of a 4 day visit, and since seattle was a place we've wanted to go together, we joined him! hoorah! we were able to squeeze in just about everything we had hoped to do and see while we were there & had such a wonderful time as just our little family of three. it was so good for us. i think chris got funnier while we were there & he and i both decided (again) that abel is hands down the best thing that's ever happened to this world, especially to us. we didn't know what to expect traveling with a toddler, but he proved to be a dream on both flights & was the best little traveler 99% of the rest of our trip too... i say 99 because of the aquarium meltdown which i was sweet enough to capture on film for you below. 
all in all it was THE best family time ever & the perfect length of time spent away from home. seattle is a beautiful place, but there really is no place like home. we are happy to be back now in our own beds, in our little tiny house, surrounded by people we love.

the   g r e a t   wheel

the   s e a t t l e   aquarium
^^^i'd be an absolute liar if i didn't post the two photos above... abel truly is a pretty happy camper majority of the time, but i mean... he IS a toddler & this IS real life we are talking about. plus the face on chris (laughing monkey emoji here).

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