abel's first baseball game!

while in seattle, we got tickets to see the mariners and the yankees play! hip hip! okay, so i'm not really a baseball fan... okay, i'm not a baseball fan at all. but i am all about new experiences, my little's FIRST experiences and concession food. so this was a win for me. abel lasted 6 innings before he wanted to get down & run all over the place, and that was longer than we had planned to stay anyway so we were happy all around. they gave him a 'first game' certificate and baseball card & the way chris held onto that thing like it was gold made me love him even more than i already did. seattle was so good for so many reasons, but my favorite thing about it was having that much undivided time with chris & seeing him and abel together... melt. me. those two together are my everything.

^^^PLEASE don't be afraid of asking people to take your picture. i am not usually one for the super posed shots, but i just think it's so important to have pictures of all the members of your little clan present & not always be behind the camera or be taking them selfie style. it may turn out like this one & you feel like your head looks 17 months pregnant because you got the front lean in spot, but i'll hold onto this one like gold because of the special moment that it captured... and because the guy eating the burger behind me makes me laugh out loud :)

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-m said...

That picture of Abel smiling with his hood up is too cute to be true!