a morning scene + little love letters

dear commercial radio,
do you play ANYTHING classy anymore?

dear friends + family,
stamp and send those christmas cards please, i'm tired of junk mail :)

dear littles,
i love you. more + more everyday. i love how you already love each other because you are innocent and it's the only thing you know. i love how you love me + daddy. you are just sunshine in my soul.

dear husband,
i l o v e y o u .

dear december,
i'm so happy you're here! now bring on the snow already...

dear person reading this,
i sure hope you are having a lovely day filled with joy, chocolate, hugs + laughter.

dear christmas,
thank you thank you for showing up every year around this time + bringing both the holly and the jolly with you. you're the best + i love you forever.

dear anthropologie,
you're so kind to my eyes + so mean to my bank account... i love you + i don't, all in the same breath.

dear hawaii,
i am SO excited to meet you, like SO excited! counting the days until i see my toddler in the sand, my littlest chunk in her polka dot-kini + sipping cold bevs with my dreamy husband on the beach.

dear chatbooks,
seriously? $6 a book? FREE shipping? all my dreams come true! thank you for beautiful products that make it easy to get my favorite moments off of my devices + into my hands! use code: HYV7R29P & get your first book FREE


shannon said...

Thank you for sharing chatbooks!!

Life on Sugar Hill said...

of course! use code: HYV7R29P & get your first book FREE :))