the christmas list they didn't even know they had...

Just a few sweet things that my littles don't even know they have on their Christmas wish lists this year! Some are already on the way + others maybe Santa will bring! They already have all that they need so it was fun to shop for a few little things that i just love + want for them.
Happy Thursday!

1. new jammies (we love hanna andersson, old navy + baby gap.. or anything striped really)
2. this hat, because i mean... (gap)
3. the best little drum set similar to this one that i found at my mom's vintage shop (vines vintage)
4. a sweet lovey (etsy)
5. B. brand art easel for finger painting + coloring! (target)
6. dinosaurs so i can listen to him "rawr"ing all day.
7. colored pvc balls for learning colors, sorting, + general fun! (walmart)
8. good movies! (amazon)
9. little tikes basketball hoop like his friend brennan :) (walmart)

1. new jammies (we love kickee pants + l'oved baby)
2. pretty rattles like her friend dagny
3. new glass bottles (lifefactory)
4. this sweet lovey (land of nod)
5. and this one (maileg, ms deer)
6. these jammies (gap)
7. this beautiful quilt that's sort of for both of us :)
8. polka dot knot hat, amen (gap)

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