m a g i c

magic. a word I've found to be pretty accurate when describing the love + goodness of my little family. it's freezing out + dads blowing the leaves? let's join him! 
abel's love for outside has not been hindered by the cold, so we all bundle up and spend reasonable amounts of time out there if he asks us. these twenty or so minutes from sunday were just sweet. sure, by the end lucy was tired + abel kept trying to run down the hill after being told not to do so a handful(billion) times, but it was still sweet time to me that i cling to and cherish like its gold, because if there's anything I've learned in this life? it's that it goes by all too quickly and I'll never feel like we had enough days together, enough time, enough freezing cold-playing in the leaves moments, enough holding of my babies + snuggling at night, kisses from chris + staying up too late catching up on nashville because it's our only opportunity... or other nights, unintentionally falling asleep while putting the babies down. 
life is sweet, sometimes bitter too, but mostly sweet i think... either way, I want to spend it soaking up every last drop.
^^^I love everything about this. I love the finger in the ear + the smile on husbands face, the fact that it's so totally off center that I don't even want to fix it or crop it in to hide my sweatshirt and sweatpants get up that I tried hiding beneath my cute sweater, how flattering (embarrassed monkey emoji here). I love the chaos that comes with having a family + I love a self timer for capturing this magic.