speak life.

truth time.
i tried to write a meaningful post about how we should speak life into others. build them up, be a light for Christ, spread positivity through our lives & the lives of others... which are ALL things we should strive to do, && the inspiration behind this design.
however... writer's block took the stage & all i could think to tell you about was the hundreds of mosquito bites i was lucky enough to get while taking these photos.
so we'll just go with that.
i was outside for literally five, maybe ten minutes while taking these photos... i came inside and was COVERED in bites. boooooo. aaaaand i am like a 5 year old &
can. not. stop. itching. 
yea, i'm that girl.
sooo, yea. that's the story behind these photos. i hope you love the tank though! it photographs a little oranger than it is, it is really more of a coral-y color. it's also one of my favorite items currently in the store :)
happy thursday!
You can now purchase this tank in the Project Love online store!

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Jess said...

I am that girl too! Travis can't stand when I scratch my bug bites and I get them so bad he tells me I look like I have scabies all over my legs :( we should compare ours after a long night at one of the guys games! haha!!