i love you lemon + an IG giveaway!

anything that can exfoliate your skin, freshen your breath, clean your kitchen, AND top a cupcake... count me in. 
young living lemon essential oil that is...
if you've been out in the world, or just on instagram for even 5 minutes lately, then you've probably heard that essential oils are all the rage right now, and with good reason!
i'm a total beginner when it comes to oils, but when sweet Kaylan sent me some samples of this stuff, i was excited to play around with it! i researched some of it's uses and found this great list HERE.  
i personally used it for detox, cold sore prevention, and what i so lovingly bring to you in this post... lemon sugar scrub. i am allll about a good sugar scrub, it's pretty much the only pampering i do on a regular basis, and i take it very seriously :) 
it was so easy to make + smells so wonderfully lemony, PLUS knowing that it increases the luster in dull skin, rejuvenates sagging or tired looking skin, helps treat breakouts, increases concentration and alertness AND helps remove mental fatigue, exhaustion, nervousness or negative energy... well that's just a win win for all of us. i wish i could make a batch for you... BUT it's probably more realistic of me to share the recipe instead- HERE, and give you some essential oil of your very own to use! so i'll do just that... today through friday, head over to my instagram (@mrshillarysal) and enter to win a bottle of Young Living, Peace + Calming Essential Oil
... i mean, who doesn't need some peace and some calm? insert hand raising emoji here.
go + getcha some!


Bri said...

OMG I was JUST researching essential oils - it's like you read my mind! Cousin telepathy happening here. I have to try this recipe, looks amazing. Have a great day!

Kaylan said...

Love the post and your little girl is just the cutest! Thanks so much lady!