nutella & sea salt sugar cookies.

nutella & sea salt stuffed sugar cookies
so i hadn't baked in a whiiiile!
i found these cookies on pinterest & with my recent obsession with chocolate & sea salt things... it was a must try :)
they were pretty easy to make! the blog that i found the recipe on was great with instructions, you can find it here!
these were not a favorite in our house... husband didn't like feeling the salt in the cookies, but that could probably be fixed by using fine sea salt! i thought the flavor was good, but also didn't like crunching the salt... oh well, guess i will have to bake again! not mad :)
happy thursday!


Jessica said...

These sound so good! Anything with Nutella is alright with me :)

Unknown said...

Wow oh wow do thes look delicious! The salty sweet combo is the best :)

xo Shane