the future mr. & mrs. schmeeckle

while at home, i got to take pictures of this precious couple.
my little sister ashton & her fiance Grant.
aren't the just adorbs?
gah. in my opinion, their pictures are totally pinterest worthy!
it was so much fun getting to see them interact with eachother & really see their love first hand. i am SO excited for them to be married & officially become mr. & mrs. schmeeckle... NOT to mention, i will no longer be the only sister with a totally un-spellable, mispronounced last name :)
salvaggione // sal- va- joan- knee
schmeeckle // shh- meck- lee

anyways, enjoy!


jamie brooke said...

these are adorable! :)

jamie brooke

Jennifer said...

cute! They look like a lovely couple:)

Life on Sugar Hill said...

thank you guys!! i am SO happy they are in love :) and i feel so special that they had me do their photos :)

Unknown said...

Awesome last name..... :-D

-Adam Schmeeckle