tuesday thoughts.

tuesdays are typically my least favorite day of the week. theres not necessarily anything bad about them, they are just usually rushed. i have trouble getting things done, or really even started for that matter when i know i'm on a time crunch. not to mention, they follow monday, which is one of my favorite days of the week ((i know, i know... i differ from majority of the working world on this one)) but for me, it's pretty much like an extra day in my weekend. come june though, my entire schedule will change AKA clear... and truth be told... i'm not mad about it.
i can't wait for picnics & sunbathing. bare feet & early dinners. soccer games & swimming pools. the sun pouring in my window && the smell of fresh cut grass. having endless amounts of time to love on my husband, or spend some QT with my bests. i am excited for change & new directions. i am thankful for seasons! both in the weather && in life! to know that they will ALWAYS change, that we are never stuck in the same one for too long. God is so good in that way. He knows JUST how long we should be in a specific time or "season of life"-- and i am thankful for that.

anyway, yesterday SUCKED. woke up to a gorgeous man, went for a little jog, and then layed out alllllll afternoon :))
 a little father//son love sesh.
 harlow's first time in a hammock.
 she loved it.
 fresh faced & freckled.
happy tuesday y'all!
it's the last one in march 2012, so i'm willing it to be wonderful!


Christine said...

I hate Tuesdays too! Although I shouldn't because they are technically my Friday, they are also my looongest days as well.
Here's hoping for a good one :)

Christine :)

Redheaded Daybook said...

these photos are so awesome!
haha. and your puppy totally put a smile on my face.

Life on Sugar Hill said...

thank you ladies! happy tuesday to you!!