puppy love.

well hi there!
okay... many of my recent posts have been super fun to do, however, they have not so much been about my personal life, and since i would consider this blog to be more of a lifestyle blog than anything, i figured it was time to post some pics of the fam!
honestly, i've been so busy with "work" stuff that life has been pretty uneventful in the "kickin' it && awesome" department... BUT that is about to change! the eagles have their first game on april 7th (husband's birthday...) and that day pretty much marks the start of non-stop fun festivites until september!
so that's the good news!
for today... our widdle babies.
they bring PURE joy to my heart. i mean, look at those faces! gah! i die! please enjoy & allow your face to break out into the biggest grin possible :)
happy friday! 
xoxo. hillary.


Sue said...

I love the babies! They're so adorable.

Hailey said...

aww they are all so cute!

Life on Sugar Hill said...

they are my heart :))