a glimpse into our weekend.

well hey!
we had some fun around here this past weekend. spent time with friends, & ate... alot, which always makes for a good time in my book. anywayyy... mark's girlfriend emma was in town and it was SO great getting to know and spend time with her! she, like me, comes from a family of 5 kids, which now means TWO of my friends (abby also :)) know how AWESOME it is to be part of a huge family. && did i mention that we LOVE her?? well, we do. good job mark.

we had a triple date night with our favorite romeo's, which turned out to be their LAST night as just the two of them, because they had their baby the next day!!! woohoo!! aaaand we got coldstone, deeeelish. i could seriously have ice cream every night of my liiife.

oh, and then the next day we ate some more hahaha! i am not ashamed :) we made a delicious breakfast & i got a cuuuute picture of the lovebirds so that we could make mark's presence known in our house ha! (he is currently our roomie, so it's only fair to add him into the mix of photos up around the house :))
and as usual, we had some cuuuute puppies hanging around.

&& then emma treated us to her delicious "smash burgers" they were SO good, and i tried a pinterest recipe for "smashed potatos" found HERE.
 aaaaand i love this picture because i feel like it's a smiley face :)

now we're back to monday & i officially LOVE my husband more than i even thought i could. why you ask? no reason. i just do. he is such an incredible man and after 8 years of "dating" -- almost two of those being married-- i still look at him & think, "wow, is he seriously mine?" eeeeep! thank you, thank you Lord for blessing me with him. i am the luckiest girl in the world.
(oh, and yes i am retainer face in this picture. nbd.)
happy monday!


elle b said...

THIS post is so happy and fun I love it soo!!!!!!!!!!

Life on Sugar Hill said...

thank you friend! i love YOU.