plain jane.

plain jane.
the feeling of a fresh face is just glorious.
in fact, it is probably on my top 10 list of 'best things ever'.

squeaky clean.
no make up.

this is coming from a girl who doesn't wear much make up to begin with. i don't use foundation.. just blush, eye make-up & the occasional lip gloss. but the amount that i appreciate a fresh face, you would think i was a kardashian or something (no hate here. love them. just sayin')
the freedom to rub your eyes. cry. sleep.. gah, it truly is a wonderful thing. 

makes my heart happy.
happy monday! xoxo

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hannah love said...

hehe this is a really awesome post.
i like having the freedom to cry and rub my eyes and not worry about some random black or brown thing on random places on my face.