last weekend.

okay, so i know it's officially 'this weekend' now... i have a little catching up to do! LAST weekend, i went home to colorado! YAY! i was SO happy to be home! my family flew me in to take my little sister's engagement photos & also so I could attend her & her fiance's engagement party! SO sweet of them :)

not to toot my own horn, but their photos turned out... ADORABLE. i am in the process of editing & will post this week! in other news, i was unable to attend the party (insert sad face here). yes, instead of wearing the cute dress i brought home & celebrating my sister & future brother in law, i was (warning: TMI) barfingggggg. yea, ewwww! i haven't gotten sick like that in YEARS, and it clearly added up. I was sick from 6am to 4am the following morning, and i just now today am feeling 100%. NOT FUN. all i can say is, wash your hands, & think about what you are eating... and if you'd like to see it a second time around! ha!

so... due to the lovely turn of events, the amount of pictures i planned to take while home visiting was quickly lessened to like.. 10. But, I'm happy to have these few photos of time spent in colorado, and in the kitchen with my sisters. They are both so special to me, and as we get older & have our own lives, unfortunately these moments will happen less than we'd all like, so I'm cherishing them with all i've got!

i hope y'all had a wonderful weekend & week! xoxo

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