seeing green… & other stuff from the weekend

well, first there’s that… is he not the cutest?! gah, be still my heart! i love that boy in green!
hi friends! ummm, where did monday go?? we had a fun weekend celebrating st. patty’s day & spending time with family! our first stop was the parade & party in old town on saturday! it was chillyyyyy to start out, but then the sun made it’s appearance & it warmed up enough to enjoy a little irish music, food & festivities. we all had a great time… those of us that didn’t sleep through 90% of the fun :) it’s hard work being a baby though, so… you know. sunday, we watched husband do what he does best, play soccer (or second best, i think husband&daddy are his very best roles), had lunch with the salvaggione grandparents & dinner with the grants!
what did YOU do?!


Tori Baldridge said...

He s the cutest little thing ever!!!!

Kym said...

Hillary, he is seriously B-E-A-U-tiful! i love the picture of his tiny hand poking out of the carrier. so tiny! and those bitty sock feet. geez. i think your blog is giving me some major baby fever.