11 birthdays later + he's still my favorite reason to eat cake...

today we celebrated my sweet love. 11 birthdays together + a whole lotta cake...

cake. we actually didn't have any this year at his request (insert wide eyed emoji here). chris's only request this year was that we go out to dinner with friends, so that's exactly what we did. it was so nice to be out with wonderful people. when we lived in charlotte, the community + fellowship we experienced there was unlike any place we've been before. we made so many life long friends there + it is by far what we have missed most since moving home. tonight though, was one of those nights that just felt right. we were surrounded by great people + love, and i looked around + thought... i'll take a second helping of this please with a side of strawberry ice cream. 
what a  H A double P Y birthday it was.

chris is the love of my life. an amazing father + provider. he loves me when i am NOT being an easy person to love. he cares for others + is passionate about all that he does. he's the most attractive sleeper i've ever seen, lucky for abel he inherited that trait as well... i know this because i'm writing this as they both sleep so sweet next to me. he chooses me + abel daily, and is the skip in my step. he just makes life better.

happy birthday husband, i love you more than more.

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