baby kicks.

last week i felt my first, no doubt about it, baby kick.

let me tell you... it was JUST as surprising + no less exciting as the first time that i felt Abel kick. what i didn't remember is how much i love them. sweet little baby bumps, just stopping in to say, 'hey mama'.

for the past couple of weeks i had thought i had maybe been feeling tiny flutters, but then i wasn't sure if maybe i had just really WANTED to feel something + had talked myself into thinking that any sort of rumblings in my belly were baby kicks. so last thursday, as i lay there, trying SO HARD to focus + feel something, having to remind myself every couple of seconds to breathe (you know... since there are two of us relying on that right now)... i was just beginning to pray, God where are the baby kicks? please send me a baby kick. bump, he or she goes, on the right side of my tummy (that was abel's favorite spot too). chris got to feel one too + a few since then as well, which i loved even more + also confirmed that i was not imagining things + that there is in fact a tiny person growing inside of me.

it's weird, we've been through this before, but it doesn't change the wonder of it all. those little kicks are so special + sweet. i still can hardly believe sometimes that we are getting to do this all over again. be pregnant, be parents! it is truly the most amazing gift + i pray to never take it for granted, even on the hard days. God is so good + His design is so perfect + beautiful. thank you Jesus in Heaven for abel + thank you for giving us this opportunity again with little bump two. 

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