jumbled thoughts.

you know you're a "blogger" when you find yourself thinking in blog post format. 
lately, i've found myself doing it + often. mostly little snippets with no real direction, but i've been writing them down as they come + decided to publish them all in one post labeled jumbled thoughts, since mostly, that's what they are. welcome to my brain this past week.

i've noticed lately that when i look outside in the early mornings, they look like spring/summer mornings. i never remembered that early morning looked any different depending on the season (or maybe i was just never up as early as i am now), but now that i'm noticing it, i'm realizing how much i love a warmer sky. there's just something about it.

i think about my dad a lot. lately it's been most when i'm putting abel down for bed. i am still baffled when i think about how he's not here anymore. if i'm being honest with you, i think it's the stupidest thing in the world. seriously? my dad is gone from this earth forever? permanently. i hate it & i can't believe it's real. maybe i thought i'd be used to it 4 months later... i'm not. it hurts just the same, i remember him as clearly as i ever did, i remember it happening like it was last night & i miss him just as much as i started to the day i knew the end of his life was coming, two weeks before he passed. i wish i had something inspiring to say about it, for your sake & mine, but today i don't. all i can say is that i miss him.

abel has about 20 billion teeth & it seems they all showed up at the same time. he went from 8 little front teeth, to having SO many molars come in. it hasn't been fun for him, or us for that matter, but it's looking like we have to be nearing the end for a while because they are all almost through. & the reward?... SUCH A CUTE SMILE, i can't get over it. 

lastly, we are welcoming april with wide open arms over here, hope you are too :) i've got peach nail polish on my toes, tulips in a vase, floral prints for days + husbands birthday is next week! i fully intend to go overboard with balloons + cake + celebrating him. i don't know if he's ready for it, but i sure am.

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