the best mess.

a b e l   m a d d o x
i'm not sure anyone looks this cute eating a donut. in fact, i'm sure they don't. your little chubby hands + powdered sugar covered face + sweater is my favorite kind of messy.
Y O U are my favorite kind of messy.
i L O V E when your toys are strung out all over the living room or when you've unloaded your bottom drawer across your room for the 18th time that day + i find your sweatpants in the bathroom trash can. i also love sitting down at the doctor's office + looking down at my pants for the first time that day + seeing left over who knows what at your exact height, from where you snack hugged my legs.
rolled up diapers at the foot of our bed, toys in the sheets, passies on my side table...
my favorite kind of mess.
Y O U are my favorite kind of everything.
thanks for being my child + for making me feel like YOUR favorite kind of mess too. i love you.

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