grams on grams...

...on grams, on grams.
so much on my mind lately... my sister's wedding, my dad more than usual, my birthday + the uneasy feeling i have about it this year (refer to number two on this list), our baby girl + all that comes along with her, my baby shower or sprinkle or whatever it's called for baby number two, moving-maybe?, endless amounts of Tylar's homemade donuts if i had my way... the list goes on. i've found myself to be a bit of a cry baby lately + more indecisive than the regular day, i blame being pregnant with a girl baby... it's the estrogen, allll the estrogen :) it's been a good thing though (the crying, not the indecision) i feel so good after a cry, it's such a release + such a raw + beautiful thing to cry + feel your emotions. 
anyway, other than in my mind, it's been pretty quiet around here. i've gone through two books in 8 days + have tried to be more productive during nap time. i haven't brought my big camera out in like a week, but i'm thankful for my iPhone & it's daily reminders to take photos + document life that way! 
on that note...

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