another check off our fall family bucket list! the Z O O !

as some of you may know, we put together a little list of fun things we'd like to do or experience this fall! one activity on our list was the zoo! we were particularly excited to go because abel hadn't been yet. we went an hour before the zoo closed, which was two hours before the grounds closed and we couldn't have planned that better if we had tried to! it was a ghost town. downside? going that late, a lot of the animals were inside instead of out which doesn't make for great lighting as far as pictures go (a note from the photographer in me). upside? abel could run free instead of ride in the stroller, which he currently has a HUGE aversion to. it was PERFECT. my mom came along and i'm so glad she did. she helped chase abel around & push lucy in the stroller, and was all around great company. it's not common to get her all to yourself when there are 5 siblings wanting time & attention, plus 3 grandbabies now, not to mention she works full time. she is such a special person & i just came home feeling full of life... she makes people feel that way. abel loved the zoo, a little for the animals, a lot for the running free for two hours in a new place, and we loved our time together. check! now on to the next activity on our list... i'm thinking making a homemade pie is sounding like a good option. do you know any good recipes??

^^^ not sure i could ever get sick of these two together, or capturing it in photos :) 
^^^ same story...
forever + ever, amen

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Bri said...

Oh, don't mind me...just obsessing over your precious & beautiful family over here. Great photos, looks like a fun day :) Lucy's little face in every photo is so curious and adorable. Love it. Love y'all!