when all my dreams came true...

okay, so not ALLLL my dreams, but definitely one of the little bitty ones! fort collins just got a dunkin' donuts... whaaaaat?! may not seem like a big deal to some, but remember some of our little dates to our beloved dunkin' that was right up the street from us in NC? well here in foco, it's all about shopping local & supporting the little guy (which i am alllll about) but we miss out on some of the big chains & there's just no one that makes a warm vanilla chai like dunkin (believe me, i've sipped around) & the chocolate munchkins?? pshhh. not to mention, it just gets me all reminiscent of those days with "the fam" in charlotte, when you could plan a little surprise birthday breakfast gathering for your husband the night before & all your friends lived within arms reach & could be there with you to celebrate. i miss them. life is so good in colorado. we are near our family & we have a little family of our own now! there's nothing like having your sisters to hang with every single day, but there is also nothing like having a community like the one we were apart of there too! our friends that we made during our time in charlotte are irreplaceable. i still talk daily or atleast weekly-ish with most of them and you can bet your booty we try visiting or having them visit any chance we get! seasons of life can be so wonderful & our season in charlotte with those people, our people, was a great one. here's to our current season here with our littles in colorado, complete with a dunkin' donuts right down the road... forever + ever, amen.

** this was from the "soft opening" TODAY is opening day!! head over & getcha some!! 

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